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4 Essential Makeup Brushes For A Salon-Grade Look

4 Essential Makeup Brushes For A Salon-Grade Look

When you’re preparing for an event like your wedding, or you’re looking for ways to perfect your everyday makeup skills and looks, one of the major factors in how your look turns out is your brushes. As with any art form or creative endeavor, your tools will always have an impact on your finished product, so obtaining high-quality brushes will help you achieve a salon-grade look without ever leaving your home!

Foundation brush

Every makeup lover knows that foundation is the base for any good look. Whether you’re applying a full-coverage foundation or a light, moisturizing formula to keep your skin looking flawless, a good foundation brush is a must. With the right foundation brush, you get even coverage with a matte or glowing finish, depending on the type of foundation you’re using. This helps to create the canvas for your makeup art!

Concealer Brush

A concealer brush is a multi-use tool. Not only is it useful for helping to cover up any unwanted blemishes or discolorations, but it’s also great to use for cut creases, defining sharp lines in your look (like around your lips or eyebrows), and getting pigment or product precisely where you’d like it. These brushes are incredibly versatile and will help you elevate your makeup look to salon-grade with ease.

Double Ended Brow Brush

A great makeup look is always finished by a fierce brow. Whether your go-to is a sharp, defined “Instagram Brow” or a more natural, brushed brow, a double-ended brow brush is an essential tool for creating the look you’re aiming for. With a spoolie on one side, you can more easily brush your existing brow hairs into shape, and on the other side, you have an angled brush for filling in your brows with pigment, or even cutting in around your brows with concealer.

Blending Brush

Of course, a great makeup look is almost always expertly blended. From eye pigments to eyeliner, a blending brush has many applications that will instantly elevate your look. Whether you’re blending your eyeshadow to create the perfect ombre lid, or you’re smoking out a liner to create a smudgy, edgy look, your blending brush will help you move pigment around without removing it and minimizing pigment fallout. Look for fluffy, round-topped brushes that are smaller for the best blending action!

With these four essential brushes in your makeup arsenal, creating a look that makes everyone think you had a professional makeup artist create it will be a breeze! Learn more about makeup tips and tricks online at Rada Beaute Salon, or shop for beauty items, hair care products, and more today!

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