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Butterscotch Blonde 20" Tape in Hair Extensions

Rada Beaute Tape-in extensions:

These tape-in extensions are a great way to add fullness, thickness and length to your hair. They are very popular, and a highly requested type of hair extension.

What is the process to put in extensions?

Rada tape-in extensions’ application procedure is 100% natural and damage-free. Our extension application requires no tools or chemicals. The hair is sandwiched between sections of your own hair and attached with adhesive.

What comes in a package of Rada Clip-in Hair Extensions?

Rada Beaute tape-in extensions are two inches wide, and there are twenty pieces in each package. Each package has 50 grams of hair. 

For short hair that is fine to medium, 2-3 packages are required. For longer hair, to add fullness and thickness, you may need only 1-2 packages.

More about Rada Beaute Hair Extensions

  • Rada Beaute hair extensions are of the highest quality, using 100% real Indian Remy human hair extensions without any synthetic or animal hair. 
  • Chemical-free treated hair cuticles to protect against hair tangle to prevent tangling and substantially prolong hair extensions' lifespan.
  • Soft, smooth and healthy hair, even after several washes.
  • Greater volume with these fuller and longer hair extensions. 
  • Depending on the care taken, hair life is 6-12 months.