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Our Story

Our story begins in 1999, when founder Rada Sarn moved from India at 18 years old. All she had brought with her was a passion for beauty, artistry and makeup design. She worked tirelessly, finishing cosmetology school in 2001 and then working for 5 years as a Jr. Hair Designer, finally opening Salon Picasso in 2004. She spent her savings purchasing Salon Picasso, but believed the salon would succeed if she worked hard enough. At the same time, Rada was pregnant with her son, and was a single mother for the first several years while Salon Picasso got off the ground.
Rada was determined to make her Salon a success despite lacking the business acumen--and she did, winning numerous awards for her high quality service and stellar designs. She has since grown her business, providing World-Wide Bridal Services. Rada and her team have traveled to Mexico, United States and India, not only sharing her stellar service, but passion, entrepreneurial spirit and inspiration for beauty.
Now, we're taking our next leap towards sharing our passion for beauty, with Rada Beaute.  Rada's dream has always been to inspire passion for beauty, artistry and classy style. With her inspiration, we have created a luxury line of premium quality lashes and extensions, while carrying only the highest quality brands for our hair and facial care products. At Rada Beaute, we are bold, beautiful and independent, with a passion for beauty and an entrepreneurial spirit. 

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