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1201: Professional Hair Artist Program

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About this Program:

This specialized program on hair designing, covers basic to elaborate hair curling, styling, and pinning techniques. You will learn and develop skills to prep hair for any desired hairstyle on a variety of hair types and textures. You will learn over 20+
non-bridal and bridal hair designs.
In this PDF copy, your education will be delivered in a step by step manner to give you the right essentials to launch your career as a Professional Hair Artist. 

This Program includes the following Modules and Education

Module 1: Introduction of Hair Artistry, Skills and Consultation
Module 2: Hair Artist Essentials & Designing
Module 3: Theory of Hair Directions, Preparation and Sectioning
Module 4: All Down Hair styling with Curling Iron | Hair Design #1
Module 5: Thermal Curls with Clip in Hair Extensions | Hair Design #2
Module 6: Classic Half Up & Down | Hair Design #3
Module 7: Detail Textured Pinned Down | Hair Design #4
Module 8: Vintage Waves with Hair Wand | Hair Design #5
Module 9: Ponytail with Volume/Detail | Hair Design #6
Module 10: Detailed Curled Hair Pinned to the side | Hair Design #7
Module 11: Low Middle Up-do | Hair Design #8
Module 12: Messy Chignon Updo | Hair Design #9
Module 13: French Twist | Hair Design #10
Module 14: Asymmetrical Bob Updo | Hair Design #11
Module 15: Classic Chignon with Hair Stuffing | Hair Design #12
Module 16: Classic High Bun | Hair Design #13
Module 17: Textured Ponytail | Hair Design #14
Module 18: Low Up-do Without Curls | Hair Design #15
Module 19: Traditional Ethnic Up-do | Hair Design #16
Module 20: Detail Braid & Up-do | Hair Design #17
Module 21: Romantic Up-do with Braid | Hair Design #18
Module 22: Textured Hair Curled Up-do | Hair Design #19
Module 23: High Up-do with Curls | Hair Design #20

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